Sunday, February 15, 2009

My December and January adventure

As planned I went over to visit Austin on Christmas.

I had a fantastic visit with Lisa's family and friends and of course we went to Visit my property for the house and walked through the model again. Yes I still love it. Lisa can post the pictures when she gets to it.

WE cooked, played, and shopped so we knew where to get our furniture when I move out.

As it was time to leave and come home after three weeks we took a girl's day out and left the kids home with a sitter. Good choice. Lisa and I went over to the Ryland to design center to see firsthand all the choices that Lisa had made for the house. Her choices were all fantastic and we changed nothing.

We left and we were continuing to have a great day. We had gone out to lunch shopped our way across Austin. Merridy and Chuck had just had their baby, Tanner and all was good with our day.

We were heading for the next store. Since they were still open, why not stop? Just as in the commercial, we didn't see it coming, and we were hit in the intersection. To make a long story short the car got it worse than we did, it was 5 weeks before I got my right arm out of my cast. I am really lucky to get sent to fantastic Dr. So if you haven't heard from me you are not alone. I'll keep you updated.

The Cerritos house is on the market so hopefully the timing will work out and it will sell just as I need to move and retire.

Keep in touch.