Thursday, December 31, 2009

We have windows

January 1st, 2010
It has been an interesting week. We have windows, a construction door, heating and air conditioning. They have also put in my individual water controls that are very interesting. There is a tube for each water line in the house. It allows you to turn off one sink or tub and leave the water on in the rest of the house. I know I will love that.

The windows are beautiful. It makes such a difference already.

They were also putting on the shingles on the roof on Wednesday when we went over to check it out. It is so fun that it is progressing quickly. The one thing I can say is the water does stay longer in Buda than in Austin. I always seem to have water puddles and mud.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What can happen in Texas in 11 days! I have a roof!

December 19th
Believe it or not another surprise today Orson was in Buda helping some friends so we always drive by the property just for fun. Walls, even a second story and a roof being put on as we walked through the house. So much fun.

My shoes will never be the same and I thought the quicksand would suck me in but all for all it was exciting. It was still very muddy and after all it is a construction as you will notice complete with my beautiful hard hat. We spent a long time checking the site and making sure all the bathrooms and bedrooms were correct.

This is the view from Ed and Anna's room looking North 2nd floor.

This is Christopher's and Victoria's room. As the pecking order goes they got last choice. Their room is right over the Living room. Looking South

This would be the bonus room I have just decided when no one is in town this will be my master bedroom I love the views. Notice the center is a window also they just haven't cut it out yet. They put up the siding then cut out the window as they work. Wow I live way out in the country right? no I know I have neighbors my window just don't let me see them.

This is my bedroom. The bay windows are going to be great. They match the kitchen bays. My rocking, reading recliner will fit perfectly to enjoy the view and my back yard.

This is my silly picture to show you where my powder room use to be that has now been turned into my cupboard area across from my laundry room. perfect place for my tools and needed supplies and my purse catcher/bag catcher as I walk into the house from the garage. They call it the vallet. top and bottom cabinets and work area. Behind me in the under the stairs closet.

This is the view from my entry way looking up at chandiler (or where it will be) two story view at this point.

This is what Lisa is waiting for, my door. living room on the right grand kids room/guest room on the left. We do have a picture of the door on one of the first blogs when she picked it out.

Living room window from the dining room Matches the window in the grand children's room.

Had to show you a post that I have trained Lisa to supervise this build since she was 3. Notice the hat and the overalls so she was prepared. Did I really let her handle a hammer at 3? What was I thinking? I'll have to take this same picture with Savannah after the build is finished the kids can't come on site until it is finished.

We do have a few problems. Sorry, but there is no door to the Media room so you will all have to enter the theater through the bedroom then the bathroom. I guess you are to be sure to wash your hands before watching the movie. They promised us they would have that corrected my tonight once the roof is on. We also have some questions about the Family room windows but again that will all be fixed. For my work friends I felt right at home with the music I felt I was back in Maywood since the radio was blaring Mexican music.

Friday, December 18, 2009

yea, we really have begun!

I arrived home from California and got the house back on track. We began the second week in November. It is so exciting!

We have had a very cold month so far. But add a sweater, a hat and gloves and we are cozy.

This is the frame of the foundation, Back North West corner Looking at the Kitchen bay window, taken Dec. 6th.

The next day at 4:52 pm the G.C. Kenny called to say hi and to tell us to be at the site at 9:00 am sharp for our preconstruction meeting

On Tuesday Dec. 8th! Lisa, Kenny and Karen at the site before the build can begin! Notice they have back filled the frame of the foundation.

Monday Dec. 14th, Lisa and I drove by on a Lark to look at the property since we were in Kyle. Surprise, surprise! Foundation poured.

Sorry, we missed the picture of the rebarb before they poured it but it is interesting we might post another foundation so you can see it. it's interesting

Dec 14th looking North the tree is at the front door garage to the right. Yea for the 6 foot extention.

As we where taking pictures of our new foundation, the lumber truck pulled up and begun to unload the wood for my walls. Wow! 6 days.

They have poured the foundation and the plumbing is in. The framing wood is delivered and that was as of last Monday. It is so exciting! Now if the weather will cooperate so we can get a roof on. They plan on having it ready before Lisa's new little one arrives in May. We will see.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We have foundation forms in place. Yea! Lisa and I went to Super Saturday at a friends across the street and noticed that they had placed the forms for them to start. Hopefully we will have walls soon.

I'm playing in California and visiting with old friends and my new grand daughter. Elisabeth Ruby makes number 5. 3 girls and 2 boys and counting.

Enjoying retirement and visiting with Aurora and Erik also. New item needed for next Halloween. A bubble fogger. It was the hit of trunk and treat. Way to go Warren. Hopefully we will have new pictures soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

California house is sold!

It is exciting that the house in California is almost sold and history. They have asked for my bank info so I'm sure it will clear escrow within the next two weeks. It is exciting to start on the Texas house. We have finally had rain here and that is really good for a building start with our soil. I never heard of having to water my foundation as part of the house warranty. But it is part of mine.

We have all the approvals and just waiting until I get the paper that states my name is off the deed in California.

I bought my first bedroom quilt for Warren and Beth's room. It is red, black and cream Asian print. Fun to be started. WE have window shopped but this is our first purchase. It will be fun to continue to furnish the house.

WE will keep you posted as you join our search continues to proceed. Feel free to give us ideas.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


We decided that since mom's house in Texas wasn't going to be ready when she got to town, the best way to move her would be by getting a POD. They drop off the unit when we are ready, we take all the time we need to load it up and then tell them when we are ready to have it picked it up. Then they drive it to TX for us and store it until we need. For our move it was the perfect fit. Here are some pictures of the process.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pics From Packing

You won't believe your eyes. Be prepared to see walls and floors that you have never seen.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A lot has happened

Yes, it is true, there has been a lot of changes since the last post. The buyer we were working with just kept playing games. So we said no thanks. We also said good-bye to Jim our Realtor. He just wasn't the right one for the job. As of Monday afternoon we had a new Realtor and the house is re-listed. We immediately started to get a response with him. I signed the contract for him, went to get dinner, and by the time I got home, there were about ten messages on the machine expressing interest in the house. The big difference in the people this time, is that they are all qualified for enough to buy the house. That was the big problem before, most of the people looking didn't have enough to actually buy the house. We had one person come by and look at it on Wednesday, two more scheduled, and Von, my agent, says that he has two more that might be interested. So, I think we found the right person to sell the house this time. I am excited for the prospect of actually getting it sold this time around.
Also, we are finally seeing some progress in Texas. YEAH!!! Lisa went by and they actually have stakes on the lot which means that they are preparing for the foundation. She also ran into one of the Ryland guys while she was there, and he said that the pre-construction meeting would be in a week or two. So it looks like things are moving along there also. Maybe this really just is the right time, and things will continue to fall in place.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Back on Track

As of today, we are back up and running. I got an offer on the house! Everything is set, we are just waiting for the final acceptance signature. So my house in Cerritos will close escrow on June 30th, and then I will be on my way to Texas. We also signed a new contract on my house there and they will begin again. It should be done in 6 months, just in time for the holidays. I will put my stuff in a POD, retire and then off I go. I will stay with Orson and Lisa while my house is being built, but will spend alot of time traveling and visiting my other kids, going where the wind blows. So we will just hold our breath for the next two weeks, hoping that all the inspections and stuff go well, and then it should be smooth sailing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My December and January adventure

As planned I went over to visit Austin on Christmas.

I had a fantastic visit with Lisa's family and friends and of course we went to Visit my property for the house and walked through the model again. Yes I still love it. Lisa can post the pictures when she gets to it.

WE cooked, played, and shopped so we knew where to get our furniture when I move out.

As it was time to leave and come home after three weeks we took a girl's day out and left the kids home with a sitter. Good choice. Lisa and I went over to the Ryland to design center to see firsthand all the choices that Lisa had made for the house. Her choices were all fantastic and we changed nothing.

We left and we were continuing to have a great day. We had gone out to lunch shopped our way across Austin. Merridy and Chuck had just had their baby, Tanner and all was good with our day.

We were heading for the next store. Since they were still open, why not stop? Just as in the commercial, we didn't see it coming, and we were hit in the intersection. To make a long story short the car got it worse than we did, it was 5 weeks before I got my right arm out of my cast. I am really lucky to get sent to fantastic Dr. So if you haven't heard from me you are not alone. I'll keep you updated.

The Cerritos house is on the market so hopefully the timing will work out and it will sell just as I need to move and retire.

Keep in touch.