Friday, September 11, 2009

California house is sold!

It is exciting that the house in California is almost sold and history. They have asked for my bank info so I'm sure it will clear escrow within the next two weeks. It is exciting to start on the Texas house. We have finally had rain here and that is really good for a building start with our soil. I never heard of having to water my foundation as part of the house warranty. But it is part of mine.

We have all the approvals and just waiting until I get the paper that states my name is off the deed in California.

I bought my first bedroom quilt for Warren and Beth's room. It is red, black and cream Asian print. Fun to be started. WE have window shopped but this is our first purchase. It will be fun to continue to furnish the house.

WE will keep you posted as you join our search continues to proceed. Feel free to give us ideas.