Saturday, October 18, 2008

Green bathroom is no longer green only the rugs

So I've been told that the upstairs bathroom no longer has green walls....I say I'll believe it when I see it! j/k! Here are some pics mom took to show that they finished the shower wall finally.

Finally pictures

While Deanne was in town she did a lot of work to help my mom. Here is what she was able to finish in the master bathroom. Orson and I had bought tile when we redid that room, but we didn't have time to get it down. I think it looks great.

Sorry boys

So one of the rooms that got tackled while Deanne was here was the downstairs room. I hope you boys got all the numbers and addresses you wanted, but I guess since you are all married, they are needed anymore. Here are some pics to prove what the walls used to look like.

Above the door frame...Ed is loved!

Does this wall look like a yearbook ladies????

Don't know what this is supposed to jokes here.

Thanks Aunt Deanne for all your hard work. You are a lifesaver!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deanne and I continue the fun!

We have taken pictures of our progress. We will post them, but it is so strange to not have a green bathroom any more. I am also glad to announce that the paper holder is gone! It is no where in sight. I know Lisa is jumping up and down with joy.

The oil lamp shelf was put up with the intention it would also stay with the house but I guess it is moving to Texas. It was a struggle, but with our resourcefulness we won and it came off the wall. Did I tell you I hate toggle bolts that won't release? That was about midnight when we finally got it off. Maybe it just wanted one more night on the wall.

It is strange to have vacant clean walls. Soon to be painted not just primed. Deanne is certainly earning her nightly dinners. Olive Garden tonight. I think she is working for $0.50 an hour. Jason got the shed out of the back yard tonight. Thinks are beginning to echo. Next the playroom heart curtains to the living room will come off.

I guess that updates you for tonight. Pictures will follow we promise. Mom