Thursday, March 24, 2011

A year later

It's hard to believe that I have been in my home for a year. It seems like have lived here forever. I still love my home and my neighborhood. The grand children enjoy all the activities that are here for them and all the friends in the neighborhood. Our new items include a blow up water slide, slip and slides, sandboxes and trampoline. My yard is getting smaller and smaller everyday with the new added toys. The old standard motor cycles are still a favorite. Why the blue one is the one of choice but who knows why. The kids love to ride on them and even love them more with lanterns on them for head lights.

Warren's family has been here since August and I love having them here. It is great for the cousins to grow up together and visit with each other almost daily. Aurora is doing great at Elm Grove Elementary and is reading everything she can find. Eric and Savannah, or I call them the twins, each are very positive so it is interesting to watch them grow and teach each other.

Seth and Shawn are growing so fast. Shawn started walking at 8 months and is now following them around like a little puppy. He still isn't convinced that he likes the back yard but it will be only a matter of weeks until he gets it and starts following them out the door more than he does now.

My view from my room has greened up for spring and I love to wake up to my green forrest. I leave my curtains open in my room so I can wake up with the sun and laugh at it and turn over and go back to sleep.

Retirement has been a great choice for me.