Saturday, October 18, 2008

Green bathroom is no longer green only the rugs

So I've been told that the upstairs bathroom no longer has green walls....I say I'll believe it when I see it! j/k! Here are some pics mom took to show that they finished the shower wall finally.

Finally pictures

While Deanne was in town she did a lot of work to help my mom. Here is what she was able to finish in the master bathroom. Orson and I had bought tile when we redid that room, but we didn't have time to get it down. I think it looks great.

Sorry boys

So one of the rooms that got tackled while Deanne was here was the downstairs room. I hope you boys got all the numbers and addresses you wanted, but I guess since you are all married, they are needed anymore. Here are some pics to prove what the walls used to look like.

Above the door frame...Ed is loved!

Does this wall look like a yearbook ladies????

Don't know what this is supposed to jokes here.

Thanks Aunt Deanne for all your hard work. You are a lifesaver!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deanne and I continue the fun!

We have taken pictures of our progress. We will post them, but it is so strange to not have a green bathroom any more. I am also glad to announce that the paper holder is gone! It is no where in sight. I know Lisa is jumping up and down with joy.

The oil lamp shelf was put up with the intention it would also stay with the house but I guess it is moving to Texas. It was a struggle, but with our resourcefulness we won and it came off the wall. Did I tell you I hate toggle bolts that won't release? That was about midnight when we finally got it off. Maybe it just wanted one more night on the wall.

It is strange to have vacant clean walls. Soon to be painted not just primed. Deanne is certainly earning her nightly dinners. Olive Garden tonight. I think she is working for $0.50 an hour. Jason got the shed out of the back yard tonight. Thinks are beginning to echo. Next the playroom heart curtains to the living room will come off.

I guess that updates you for tonight. Pictures will follow we promise. Mom

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A floor in the playroom?

I just wanted to let everyone know that the playroom does have a floor. It is true I will post pictures. It also has a bench and a couch you can sit on. Wow, am I excited. And no, Lisa, we haven't found any dead bodies hiding in the playroom either, just items you have all left there in the past. We have found treasures that the owners will enjoy arriving at their doors shortly. Yes, I mailed boxes to all of you. Warren took his last weekend but I have more for him. Sorry, Ed, just one to y0u this time I will make up for it soon. I have another one almost ready. You will enjoy going through the treasures and your wives or husband will enjoy seeing some of your treasures hope you remember them. Aunt Donna and I spent another day "playing" in the playroom. Thank heavens for ice water and fans. We were also glad nothing living jumped out of any boxes. I will post pictures to prove it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

All settled

So today I actually went back to the design center and finalized all the decisions we had made. The paperwork is all documented and signed. NO MORE DECISIONS. YEAH!!! So when all was said and done I think that everything is going to look awesome...and...I only went $553 over my budget. I think that is amazing. So here's to you mom. Now because I saved money there means I get to spend that much more on your stuff when you get here. :-) Love you. You deserve the best!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The real door

YEAH.. I fell in love with this door....I think it is worth every penny and is going to look amazing on mom's new house. The stain is a red mahogany.

Also, if you look at the bottom you can see the brick color we chose. The white you see above the brick is her trim color, and the tan on the right is the color of the siding. I love the way it all looks together, I hope you do mom.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The decisions are made

The decisions are made! Thanks to Lisa and Orson and their persistence they have gone through every outlet, cabinet, floor, lighting, tub, and plumbing feature. Above and beyond the call of duty. I don't think anyone has ever been so prepared to decorate a home. Orson followed up on my original plans and found out that they had left off my grandchildren bedroom. We had it in the contract I swear! He solved the problem quickly. I really couldn't see putting the kids in the third car garage but that was where their room was at that time. Their tub was also missing I guess they were to bath in the hose. Gratefully they now have a room and a tub. Lisa and Orson are letting you know they are available to do your plans for your new homes or additions at a reasonable rate. But not as reasonable as mine but they will be reasonable. You will all benefit from their expertise. The Realtors never new what hit them when we were shopping for my perfect home. We knew more about their plans than they did and we had to explain our questions in lay terms so they could answer them. They got out the calculators and Orson and I told them what the dimensions were quicker than they could figure out the square feet. Lisa will soion update us all with their adventure of the day. Thank you to Savannah for being good for Grandma and Grandpa so Orson and Lisa could visit the design center. Love to all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Speak NOW...

So tomorrow is the big day when we go to the Ryland design center to finalize all the decisions pertaining to the decor of the house. So take a peek at the last few posts and don't forget to add your comments, seriously, I need all the help I can get. I think I'm on the right track.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is the Berkley Collection. It's Standard. The color is cobblestone, I actually really like it, and I think it fits in perfectly.

So here's the breakfast nook.

Coach light out by the garage.

Dining Room

Entry way goes somewhere they say.

Front Door

Okay so here is a door similar to the one we like. The one we like has wrought iron details work between two pieces of glass. Similar in style to this one. Oh and the hardware for the door is levers instead of your regular handles.....Kinda Cool huh!

Brick Options

Okay, out of all the options for brick, these were two that stood out to me, as far as matching the style and theme that we are going with also. That way the outside matches the inside. They are both by Acme Brick.

This first one is called Country Colonial, it's more more dominant and bold.

Here is the sample.

This one is called Smokey Mountain. I think it's a bit softer.

Matching Sample.

Counter Options

So, I hvae decided to forgo the granite counters in the kitchen, but here is the option that I really's called Omegastone. So, here are some of the colors....what do you think? I like Catalina, Mandorla, Panna.

Design Center Questions

Okay, so here we go, I hvae no clue first off why this is typing underlined. So today I spent three hours at the Ryland design center here in Austin. I'm wiped and overwhelmed. So help me out.

This is the spa set available in the master shower. It's $750.

This is the cultured marble tub with the whirlpool. Mom I think it's worth the money to upgrade, but let me know. The hand held shower head is optional...I wouldn't do it. that's what you have a shower for.

In the top of this pic is the accessories that come standard, just so you know. The middle is the sink faucets, and the bottom is the tub faucets.

This is a close up of the granite that I liked with the oak cabinet up top. I just couldn't find a backsplash that would go with it.

Here's what the whole thing would look like. I'm thinking maybe we can still use this granite for the bathrooms, do you like it for yours?

Here are the two different oak colors cabinets, with two different railings next to them, I'm thinking that you would like the right two.

Here are the ceramic tile, granite and cabinet options that I stewed over for hours before deciding that I just didn't like it all together, we will go with omega stone for the kitchen counter, and the ceramic tile for the backsplash. I think I am also gonna use the middle tile for the floors in the bathrooms.

I tried to get close-ups of the three different colors but they all look the same here. Sorry.



Sunday, September 14, 2008


So here are the schematics for my new house. Hope you boys like it. This first one shows the electrical plans for the first floor.

This one shows the electrical for the second floor.

This last one shows the cabinet options and the options for the fireplace.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Americana Style???

So I have been scouring the internet looking for some inspiration for mom's house. I think I am narrowing it down to a Classic Americana style. Here are some examples of things I think she would like, and things that would fit her style. I kinda thought of her George Washington pic above her fireplace as the stating off point.

So here is the inspiration for the says she thinks hers is matted with blue.

I like the look of this for the formal living room...kinda antique couches with the awesome wooden legs.

And I thought this style of table would be cool in the dining room.

Although this one in her Square shaped dining room would be awesome too.

I thought a sofa and love seat like this could be awesome in mom's family room downstairs....comfy, looks nice, and would help pull things together.

...or maybe this denim one. I love the piping on it.

I like the quilt on this bed, I'm thinking accent patterns like these and quilts to decorate with.

I just think these are cute.

See Ed, Americana doesn't have to be CHEESY. It can be soft and pretty too. Patterns like these in the kitchen could be fun.