Friday, June 5, 2009

A lot has happened

Yes, it is true, there has been a lot of changes since the last post. The buyer we were working with just kept playing games. So we said no thanks. We also said good-bye to Jim our Realtor. He just wasn't the right one for the job. As of Monday afternoon we had a new Realtor and the house is re-listed. We immediately started to get a response with him. I signed the contract for him, went to get dinner, and by the time I got home, there were about ten messages on the machine expressing interest in the house. The big difference in the people this time, is that they are all qualified for enough to buy the house. That was the big problem before, most of the people looking didn't have enough to actually buy the house. We had one person come by and look at it on Wednesday, two more scheduled, and Von, my agent, says that he has two more that might be interested. So, I think we found the right person to sell the house this time. I am excited for the prospect of actually getting it sold this time around.
Also, we are finally seeing some progress in Texas. YEAH!!! Lisa went by and they actually have stakes on the lot which means that they are preparing for the foundation. She also ran into one of the Ryland guys while she was there, and he said that the pre-construction meeting would be in a week or two. So it looks like things are moving along there also. Maybe this really just is the right time, and things will continue to fall in place.