Thursday, August 12, 2010

Warren and Family have arrived!

It has been a fun week since Beth, Warren, Aurora and Erik arrived. Warren stayed for a week and we went to Sea World, trying to explore the Biscuit Brother's farm and explored Austin and San Antonio, swimming. Also they found their way around Buda.

Warren was able to be here for Seth's blessing and meet the chaos of thirteen cousins running around the house. Funny how the kids went upstairs and the men took over the WII for a sports event. The Movie room has had a work out with tiered seating.

The women took over the Visiting teaching room and Dining room and enjoyed a good visit.
It is so amazing when you have 10 year old, 9 year old, two 6 year olds, one 4 year old, four 1 going on 2, 3 year olds, three 1 going on 2 , three newborns how quiet the house can be that the parents can actually play games.

It is fun to be part of Lisa's extended in- law family. They know how to have fun when they get together. It is trains most nights and we even fit in a game of Trains before Warren had to go home.

Merridy and her family stayed until Wednesday. They wanted to leave earlier in the day but their was something about an exploded frog in a container in the car that required a three hour airing out of the car frogs explode in a car that has not been used for two days in the Texas heat.

I think the cousins frog catching days are over. Other than frog catching there was adventures in all type of water play, movie in the popcorn room, motorcycle, (Knotts style) Why with two motor cycles do all the kids want to ride the blue one. Now the Titanic pose on the handle bars is not an exciting thing. Especially since Seth's stitches have not yet healed from his last sky diving adventure. Aurora and Erik have become fearless in the pool. It is fun to have a house full. Erik is confused because all the cousins went home yesterday. He didn't think they had another home.

The Craig list item of the week was the $600 stroller for $150. Beth scored! We will keep looking we missed the perfect bookshelf and bench but we will keep looking.

We have all the bedrooms curtained and ready for guests. Looking forward to the big Octoberfest birthday bash starting October 1. All the kids should be in for the event. I don't know if Buda is ready but it should be fun!!

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