Friday, December 18, 2009

yea, we really have begun!

I arrived home from California and got the house back on track. We began the second week in November. It is so exciting!

We have had a very cold month so far. But add a sweater, a hat and gloves and we are cozy.

This is the frame of the foundation, Back North West corner Looking at the Kitchen bay window, taken Dec. 6th.

The next day at 4:52 pm the G.C. Kenny called to say hi and to tell us to be at the site at 9:00 am sharp for our preconstruction meeting

On Tuesday Dec. 8th! Lisa, Kenny and Karen at the site before the build can begin! Notice they have back filled the frame of the foundation.

Monday Dec. 14th, Lisa and I drove by on a Lark to look at the property since we were in Kyle. Surprise, surprise! Foundation poured.

Sorry, we missed the picture of the rebarb before they poured it but it is interesting we might post another foundation so you can see it. it's interesting

Dec 14th looking North the tree is at the front door garage to the right. Yea for the 6 foot extention.

As we where taking pictures of our new foundation, the lumber truck pulled up and begun to unload the wood for my walls. Wow! 6 days.

They have poured the foundation and the plumbing is in. The framing wood is delivered and that was as of last Monday. It is so exciting! Now if the weather will cooperate so we can get a roof on. They plan on having it ready before Lisa's new little one arrives in May. We will see.

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