Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The end is in sight!

We have taken our major final walk through today! It was so fun to learn about all the exciting new toys I will have. it is 95 % finished. Grass landscaped etc. just a few fixes and touch ups to take care of.

I love the furniture, bedding, bathroom items we have chosen and will be furnished enough to enjoy the home before I even unpack the pod. Lisa and Orson will be delighted to have their garage back. Not to mention their extra bedroom.

We finished up the Red and Black bathroom today. Only one more theme to pick out and I'm going to wait on that one until I move in and live with what I have now and decide what I want in there. I say just make it the Tinkerbell bathroom but Lisa isn't going along wit that very well. I tend to agree with her howeve4r. . . I think she feels one kid themed bathroom is enough for one house. Monsters rule downstairs, right down to the monster feet rugs.

My sprinkler system is great it even knows when not to water because of the rain and over rides my previous instructions. I will have to study up on it to make sure I understand what it really does.

I'm excited to know they did put the grass in the back yard also. I thought we had only done the front. I was worrying about when I would get the back yard planted. Instead it is already in.

Coordinating the deliveries should be interesting. My bed is coming from one company the others are coming from another one and all the matresses with the second. I may be sleeping on an air matress in my bed the first night if the deliveries get crossed.

Deanne is flying in on the 5th, the day I am suppose to close so it will be an exciting day. We really didn't plan it that way but she needed to be in town for a luncheon on Sataurday. Good timing.

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