Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm in! The furniture fits. Yeah!

I signed papers on the 16th of March and had the pod delivered that day. The furniture started arriving the next day. I love my bedroom set! It fits just as I wanted it to. The curtains really set off the room but the view is so beautiful I am so tempted to just leave them open all the time. My rocker blends perfectly with it and it is complete. My closet (Seth's nap room) is coming along beautifully and the shower and bath is calling my name constantly. And again I love them.

Beth and Warren's room I complete except for their curtains. I have them but not up. Hopefully by the weekend.

Christopher and Ed's room traded places sort of since Christopher's bedding was King Size and it fit on the bed I bought so Christopher and Victoria do have the room with the view but they don't get a dresser but the room comes furnished with a port a crib already in the closet. Again thanks to Seth, he likes to sleep in the dark.

The play room is furnished I hadn't planned on buying it yet but I love it.
It also fits perfectly so it is ready for late night gave nights. So mom can sleep.

The guest room is ready and will have a full house for the weekend again this weekend for conference.
5 extra adults and three kids.

We have had several pizza parties and the only thing I was missing was a sharp knife and a can opener. I had bought a can opener but I just discovered it with next year's family Christmas presents. Only Ed and Anna know what that is because theirs arrived early since last years was late.

I will keep you posted, reservations are filling up quickly so put in yours.

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