Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1st walk through with Electrical

January 6th, 2010
What a difference a year makes. It is so nice to be here in Austin, retired, and not in the hospital as I was last year at this time because of our car accident. We had a great day running around in circles as usual but at least we did accomplish what we needed to do.

It is also Lisa's nephew, Tanner's, 1st birthday so from now on this date will have good memories.

We had our house walk through before dry wall today. It is the first time since we started the build that I didn't sink into the mud walking to and from the house and "Lake Karen" in the front of the house has been filled in.

Here is the controls the water outlets individually. Really Neat!!!

This is mom's kitchen bar.

Our kitchen window has been corrected. The other one was beautiful 72 by 72 but the desk would not fit under it so they put in the 72 by 48 so now I can sit and stare at nature while I use the computer and look out over the nature walk. We extended the cupboards ( you can never have enough right??) and end with a desk on that side of the Kitchen Breakfast room.

They have all the bells and whistles installed. My tubs all hold water and so do my shower pans. exciting. No leaks.

Mom's Jacuzzi tub

Mom's shower stall, notice the 4 spickets and the showerhead.

Today they were blowing in the insulation and filling in every crack where the exterior was pierced for any wires. It's amazing to see how they do it.

We went over every outlet. I am sure I will never again have to worry where to find a wall switch or a computer or phone outlet. Orson did have concern about the control panel wiring for the controls for the media room but I'm sure they will have it all worked out with Brinks by the time it is complete. It is located in a closet with complete access so it should be great. It will be fun to have a media room. Or maybe it would be called a man cave if it wasn't in my home and going to be used by all.

The bricks have been delivered so they are ready to start on that also now that the electrical wires, gas hubs and water are in.

They also do a mean type of termite treatment of the world and there are wires for easy after build treatment. I have never seen such a set up. It's as complecated as the wires that run through the foundation to make it adjustable and secure. Even wind braces in place. Not that that means anything to me but I do read a mean blueprint with the best of them. I even surprise Orson sometimes when there is a question on them that I can understand them.

It's been fun for Orson and Lisa to oversee this build. I know what I want and they make sure I get it.

We will be taking reservations in starting in June. Victoria and Elizabeth should be my first house guests ans they drive back East. Then they will come back through hopefully with Chris and pick out their bedroom furniture. We just figured that out today. I had no ideas for their room so that will hopefully work out. I did think of doing it in Monsters or Dinosaurs but I don't think that will work. Maybe it still will we will see.

I think that is all of the updates for now. More pictures will follow I hope.

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