Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Random Pics

So since I was posting pics I thought I would include more. These were taken over the last week or so. JUST A WARNING THOUGH...there are a million pics, or, at least it seemed that way when I was uploading them.

Closer look at the manabloc. We can turn off each faucet individually.

Savannah is already playing in the back yard.

My fireplace framed and ready to go.

The tub in the front guest bathroom.

Here is Logan in the garage that has been sheet rocked, taped and floated.

Mom's front door/entryway.

I found it funny that there was that much space between the brick/stone and the wall. Orson says it's for more insulation.

Mom's closet...opps.. I mean, this is the arched cutout in her dining room.

This is in the family room, looking into the valet and garage. The front hallway is on the right.

A Corner in mom's room, the bay window is there on the left side.

Putting up sheet rock in the garage.

Mom's shower stall with tile...I love it on the 45!

Downstairs guest bathroom.

Savannah showing off the upstairs full bath.

The shower in the Jack and Jill bathroom by the media room.

The closet under the stairs. Peek-a-boo!!!

Lisa and Savannah in the media room. The three holes near the ceiling are for speakers the two little ones are for outlets and cords.

The game room....Savannah thought it was fun to play with the water pipes (well they aren't really pipes...they are more like tubes...totally flexible...really neat.)

The speakers in the game room/loft upstairs. Remember that we have a sound system that will play music throughout the house...including the patio out back.

The back view of the house from the greenbelt behind mom's house.

The west side of the house with siding and some brick.

Mom saying was pretty wet that day, she wasn't about to brave the sludge.

Okay, so you should all be caught up now. Maybe we will be able to kept all the pics up to date from now on. Our journey really is coming closer and closer to and end. It is really exciting.

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grandma Karen said...

Reminder to Orson it will be Christmas music on the speakers year round. Good thing I just got the new CD's

Thanks Lisa for updating the blog