Monday, January 18, 2010

Texture and Closure

So we went by the house to take some pictures of the front of the house with the brick and stone, since I overlooked that the other day due to the weather. They had accomplished alot more on the masonry, and I'm sure by noon tomorrow it will all be done

The front of the house...notice anything new??? The garage door has been installed. Though it does need to be painted to match the trim, I guess they will do that later.

The kitchen/dining room side of the house, not too much more to do.

The garage/master bedroom side of the house...pretty much done except for the outside units that will go there.

A Close-up of the brick and stone, so that you can see the color.

It has been interesting to be able to see al the steps of building as house as it goes. This guy was coing back and working on the grout in the brick. He would scrape a little out and the sweep away the dust for every grout line. Guess he'll be busy for a while!

As I went into the house something looked different, but it took me a minute to realize what it was...They had sprayed the whole interior of the house with texture, so it all looked kinda funny, and really drab.

Here's a close-up of the texturing.

As I was walking the downstairs, I went into the garage, and man does it look a bit dark in there with the garage door up and no lights. And, it was packed. They have gotten all of my interior doors, molding, trims, and privacy fence for the yard, and it's all staked up in there.

Here's another pic of the house...this is mom's favorite view she says.

Oh yeah, I went and took a pic of mom's bedding. What do you think? I think it screams KAREN all the way! I'm glad that she found what she wanted.

Okay so really...I am DONE with the pics for a while. It was kinda funny, I stopped by the sales office today for a minute and Martha said that she would be calling us with an update on the house tomorrow after she talked to Kenny ( our contractor). Then she added, "not that you don't know what's going are up here every day." Thanks for noticing Martha....what can we say...we are excited.

P.S. Y'all better start leaving some comments on here or I might think you don't read it and stop updating it. Give a momma some love.

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