Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shopping and loving it.

January 13 and 14th

Lisa and I found my comforter for my room. It's denim paisley. We are using white eyelet curtains. They are exactly what I was looking for . Most of you know how much Warren and I are both attached to our comforters and it matches. Now two out of 6 rooms so that is keeping us within our timeline.

Christopher and Victoria are doing theirs when they are here. So that leaves Ed and Anna to look around and see what bedding represents them. I'm thinking a red white and blue theme unless they find anything they like better. Their room is getting my grandmother's dresser so the room will follow that theme somewhat.

We also got the laundry baskets for each room so those will be in place for the bed and breakfast. It is so fun to be in the final month and looking forward to moving in. The next meeting we will have is the semi-final two hour tour of all the appliances and functions of the house. I'll never figure out the audio/visual box.

We also found dishes and kitchen items that I need to replace. I love outlet malls.

We are working on the bed and breakfast rules. Any suggestions?? Each one of you can personalize your rooms with some added comments. But I can override any rules that are over the top.

Help me think about what I need to add to the rooms. I've decided we are not putting TV's in any bedrooms so you have to socialize while you are visiting.

Orson is suggesting one rule but you will have to ask it what it is. I'm sure most of you will comply with his rule, but then Lisa and Orson don't have an assigned room so it may not be posted.

Thursday I went by the house and saw that two sides of the brick and stone are completed. The front and the south. It looks great!

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