Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A floor in the playroom?

I just wanted to let everyone know that the playroom does have a floor. It is true I will post pictures. It also has a bench and a couch you can sit on. Wow, am I excited. And no, Lisa, we haven't found any dead bodies hiding in the playroom either, just items you have all left there in the past. We have found treasures that the owners will enjoy arriving at their doors shortly. Yes, I mailed boxes to all of you. Warren took his last weekend but I have more for him. Sorry, Ed, just one to y0u this time I will make up for it soon. I have another one almost ready. You will enjoy going through the treasures and your wives or husband will enjoy seeing some of your treasures hope you remember them. Aunt Donna and I spent another day "playing" in the playroom. Thank heavens for ice water and fans. We were also glad nothing living jumped out of any boxes. I will post pictures to prove it.

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starstruck_texan said...

good job mom.....We are soooo proud of you. You will definitely have earned your retirement by the time you get here. Just don't be too tired to babysit for me. LOL!