Monday, September 8, 2008

Americana Style???

So I have been scouring the internet looking for some inspiration for mom's house. I think I am narrowing it down to a Classic Americana style. Here are some examples of things I think she would like, and things that would fit her style. I kinda thought of her George Washington pic above her fireplace as the stating off point.

So here is the inspiration for the says she thinks hers is matted with blue.

I like the look of this for the formal living room...kinda antique couches with the awesome wooden legs.

And I thought this style of table would be cool in the dining room.

Although this one in her Square shaped dining room would be awesome too.

I thought a sofa and love seat like this could be awesome in mom's family room downstairs....comfy, looks nice, and would help pull things together.

...or maybe this denim one. I love the piping on it.

I like the quilt on this bed, I'm thinking accent patterns like these and quilts to decorate with.

I just think these are cute.

See Ed, Americana doesn't have to be CHEESY. It can be soft and pretty too. Patterns like these in the kitchen could be fun.


Grandma Karen said...

The only trouble with the couch is you know how Savannah loves to eat the piping. Are we sure she will let me have it?

Peggy said...

I love the choices for the house and I think Americana is the way to go because Karen has taught fifth grade for so long. It's just so appropriate . The only thing I would like to way in on is the couch for the den or great room. It should be a navy blue or deep blue. Why you ask? There are so many grand-kids and more may be coming when Chris and Victoria get started. Believe me I know what small children can do to your furniture. I envision peanut butter, jelly, chocolate, milk, cookies, chicken, and apple pie all over the couch.