Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Design Center Questions

Okay, so here we go, I hvae no clue first off why this is typing underlined. So today I spent three hours at the Ryland design center here in Austin. I'm wiped and overwhelmed. So help me out.

This is the spa set available in the master shower. It's $750.

This is the cultured marble tub with the whirlpool. Mom I think it's worth the money to upgrade, but let me know. The hand held shower head is optional...I wouldn't do it. that's what you have a shower for.

In the top of this pic is the accessories that come standard, just so you know. The middle is the sink faucets, and the bottom is the tub faucets.

This is a close up of the granite that I liked with the oak cabinet up top. I just couldn't find a backsplash that would go with it.

Here's what the whole thing would look like. I'm thinking maybe we can still use this granite for the bathrooms, do you like it for yours?

Here are the two different oak colors cabinets, with two different railings next to them, I'm thinking that you would like the right two.

Here are the ceramic tile, granite and cabinet options that I stewed over for hours before deciding that I just didn't like it all together, we will go with omega stone for the kitchen counter, and the ceramic tile for the backsplash. I think I am also gonna use the middle tile for the floors in the bathrooms.

I tried to get close-ups of the three different colors but they all look the same here. Sorry.



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