Monday, September 22, 2008

All settled

So today I actually went back to the design center and finalized all the decisions we had made. The paperwork is all documented and signed. NO MORE DECISIONS. YEAH!!! So when all was said and done I think that everything is going to look awesome...and...I only went $553 over my budget. I think that is amazing. So here's to you mom. Now because I saved money there means I get to spend that much more on your stuff when you get here. :-) Love you. You deserve the best!


Grandma Karen said...

I am sure we will find plenty to spend money on when I get there. Thanks again and take a well deserved day off and let Seth, Savannah, Orson and you rest. Thanks again, it is going to be beautiful and I know I can rest and relax once I get there and moved in. Grandma Karen

grandma Karen said...

Now the serious work has begun. Donna has been a a trouper. She has spent the week nights with me and we have packed and packed the things I am taking and given away the things I am not taking. My dining room buffet is safely settled i it's new home with Donna and Rudy I w3ill post a picture when I get one. Thank you Donna we have so many memories from aro9und that table. We are still discussing where the table will be living stay tuned for the uopdates. Love you all