Saturday, September 6, 2008

Well she finally did it!

So today Orson and I went down to the Ryland office in Buda, and signed the contract for mom's new home.

It's going to be amazing. It took a good chunk of time to get the paperwork all filled out and signed, but then it was on to the fun stuff. We changed the little monopoly house on the map from yellow (meaning available) to red (meaning sold). Then we went out to her actual homesite and put up the sold sign. We took some pictures but you will have to wait as they are stuck on my phone and the sales agent's camera. Sorry! I'll post them as soon as I get them. So I guess we can say that it's official...Mom is moving.
For the past two weeks or so we have been working in California on getting mom's house ready to sell. She has gone through tons (and I literally mean about a ton) of paper and other stuff. We have either gotten rid of or assigned who gets almost all of the furniture in the house, and today they started in on the garage. YIKES! So needless to say if any of you in Cali have a free evening or weekend, I'm sure mom wouldn't refuse help.


RedMarine said...

WOOT MOMS MOVING. Warren, Beth, Aurora, Jerry and Carol helped clean out the garage, Erik and Mom told everyone what to do.

starstruck_texan said...

Thanks again Warren....I'm glad to know that Erik was there to keep everyone moving.

Mommy Karen said...

The clothes rack is out of the playroom and so are a few things Warren and Aurora snagged. She tried for your pots and pans, Lisa, but it didn't work

Hey Ed, why did everyone address you as
Warren when they signed your Garh yearbook. Didn't they know the difference??

We also found the proof that you boys have all been knighted. Warren will forward you the copies as soon as he gets them mailed.

We also played in the games tht have been hidden for years. Remember Ribbit??

Warren also wants to know who left their Heelies?? They fit him perfectly or actually Beth perfectly. Finders Keeperss